How do you post an employment opportunity?

Select the POST A JOB button in the top right hand corner and fill out the form. Be sure to include contact information for those that may be interested in the position posted


What information should be listed in a job posting?

The post a job form has required fields that must be filled out. Such information includes a title, description of the position, location of the position, and contact information. There are optional fields to allow you to provide additional information to include a flyer or any additional marketing.


What if a position I posted is filled?

If a posting becomes filled, you will need to go back into the original job post and mark it filled to unpublished it.


How long will a position be posted for?

Employers will have an option to post a position for 30, 60 or 90 days. Once your post expires, it will become unpublished. You can go back in and reactivate the post at anytime.


How can I schedule a visit to speak with students?

If you are interested in scheduling an event or speaking with our students, you can contact our Assistant Dean for Professional Advancement to begin the process at


Who do I contact if  I am interested in applying for a position listed?

All job postings will have instructions on who to contact if interested in applying for a position. Be sure to contact the person indicated on the posting.